Delivery is not included in the price of our shipping containers, but is available from a local delivery service provider for an additional charge. Most deliveries will range between $140.00-$600.00 depending on your location and other factors. We will get a delivery quote for you from our delivery provider when we initially quote you on your shipping container, then put you in touch with them directly to make the finial arrangements. Delivery can usually be arranged within 24-48 hours and in some cases, same day delivery is possible.

Delivery Methods:

  1. Tilt Tray/Roll Off Truck
  2. Crane Truck or Hoist Truck

Typical delivery is performed using a Tilt Tray/Roll Off truck and they require a clear area that is a minimum of 80 feet by 25 feet with hard compact earth is required to insure delivery. Please keep in mind that the trucks are 80 feet in length and weigh over 50,000 lbs, so soft, wet or muddy areas that they would need to drive on is unsuitable for delivery. (If you can drive on the area with a standard compact car, then they can usually deliver). In situations where there are trees, fences, low hanging power lines or other obstacles that would impede placement of the container are present you must get delivery by a Crane Truck.

Be aware of any obstacles to delivery access to your property;

On most occasions it is important to know which way the container doors will face prior to delivery to site. For instance a shipping Container only has doors at one end, so when loaded on a Tilt Tray Truck the doors could face the trucks Cabin or towards the trucks tail lights…same thing applies to a side loader which only unloads from the driver side.

Shipping containers require a relatively flat surface to sit on. If there is any doubt on your part about the delivery method or suitability of your location the Delivery Service will inspect your location for a minimal fee prior to your shipping container delivery.

Estimated delivery times and dates can be adversely affected by weather, traffic, scheduling, availability and mechanical failure. Delivery times and dates are not guaranteed, though we will do our best.





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